Monteverde Cloud Forest

One of the most beautiful life zones in Costa Rica is called the cloud forest. What makes it one of greatest areas to explore? You are among the clouds in the dense vegetation surrounded by colorful hummingbirds, butterflies, and other unique species. The cloud forest is considered a must see place while you are in Costa Rica. Here you can walk in the clouds through the suspension hanging bridges or the skytram, you can take nature walks in daytime or nighttime, and be awe struck by the bright colorful hummingbird and butterfly gardens. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure, fly down Central America’s longest zipline! Or take a more relaxed tour in the coffee farms to learn about this intensive process. Monteverde has so much to offer!

What to bring:  Shoes, long pants, extra clothes, camera, binoculars, raincoat or jacket.


Option 1:Hanging bridges or Zip line, butterflies and Humingbird garden, nigth walk, lunch, drinks, hotel, experienced bilingual guide with optical equipment, transportation.

Option 2: Skytram, coffee tour, night walk, lunch, drinks, hotel,experienced bilingual guide with optical equipment, transportation.

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